We know DATA

We are a consulting and sofware development company known for developing the CloverDX Data Integration Platform. We solve data-related operational problems for businesses all around the world.

Javlin at a glance

  • Brief history

    Starting with a vision of an accessible data integration platform back in 2002, the company’s core team remains to this day. In 2009 we established an office in Washington D.C., in years 2013 to 2015 we added offices in London, UK and Germany. And, there's much more to come!

  • What we do

    We are developers and data consultants behind the CloverDX Data Integration Platform. While working on CloverDX, our developers work closely with consultants who draw from years of experience managing and implementing data migration, integration, consolidation and analytics projects.

  • Successes

    Our greatest success is enabling thousands of clients with their own data. From startups like GoodData to Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Oracle, Comcast, Cognizant or Avis, CloverDX works anywhere as a reliable enterprise data platform.

Our vision and values

We’re building a strong healthy company that lasts. We deliver outstanding products and services that solve real customer problems and help their businesses save costs and make more money. We don’t chase buzzwords and hypes to increase company valuation for a quick exit. There is no VC money we would have to answer to. We pride ourselves on commitment to steady and sustainable growth, reinvesting our profits to R&D to make our solution the best one on the market. Our biggest asset is the people that make all this possible. The team is built around freedom, creativity and great craftsmanship. We support curiosity and experiment. Occasionally we embrace chaos. It's natural part of innovation and great people will always return back to order with progress and growth.

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In good company

We have strong business partnerships with a diverse range of organizations.

  • CloverDX allows us to do things we wouldn't be able to do otherwise, due to budget restraints.

    James Williamson

    IT Coordinator, New Democratic Party Canada