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Are you looking for a job, or are you looking to develop a career? Any organisation can give you a job, fewer can provide you with a meaningful career. Javlin is always looking for talented people who like to explore new fields and participate in interesting and challenging projects - and who want a career not just a job. Read more about us, our industry and its drivers for growth below …

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Our vision and values

We’re building a strong healthy company that lasts. We deliver outstanding products and services that solve real customer problems and help their businesses save costs and make more money. We don’t chase buzzwords and hypes to increase company valuation for a quick exit. There is no VC money we would have to answer to. We pride ourselves on commitment to steady and sustainable growth, reinvesting our profits to R&D to make our solution the best one on the market. Our biggest asset is the people that make all this possible. The team is built around freedom, creativity and great craftsmanship. We support curiosity and experiment. Occasionally we embrace chaos. It's natural part of innovation and great people will always return back to order with progress and growth.

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A word from David Pavlis, CEO of Javlin

We started as a Czech based business, but now (and in a pretty short timescale) we are international, with offices in Prague, London, Brno, Frankfurt and Washington DC. What does that mean? Let me tell you...
  • We are not backed by venture capitalist funding like some of our peers. We could be; we could do what others do, bank the money, buy our way onto quadrants and waves and then sell out 2 years later and walk away.

  • But that’s not the Javlin way; we don’t think that’s cool. We don’t chase after hot topics or soundbites. This is not pop politics for us. We try to solve real customer problems, helping them overcome real business issues.

  • We are growing ‘properly’, through making strong decisions and achieving genuinely increasing revenues. We are earning our market share through innovation, ingenuity and just doing a good job and usually better than anyone else.

  • We plough back the profits we make into R&D and product refinements, to continually improve our offer.

  • We welcome talented individuals who want to make a dent in the universe, and we invest in them.

  • Most of all, however, we act with professionalism, honesty, respect for each other and with our customers in mind.

This is why we have super-high client retention rates – we don’t leave any customer behind because our reputation is critical to us and the pride we have in this business - and there is a team of consulting and training experts on full utilisation because of the value they add.

This is Javlin.  Welcome!

Meet the teams

The team of people behind Javlin are united by, and believing in, its culture. So what teams are there?
  • Product development and new product introduction

    We’re developers. We’re super smart people and we’re the ones responsible for developing and implementing updates, enhancements and new product introductions. We are influenced by all departments who will inform us of trends, new ways of approaching problems - and it is our task to embrace these and, along with the strategic leads within the business, ensure that we are always delivering the most reliable, relevant and powerful solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Consulting services

    When clients require custom input to address a specific area - they’ll engage our team of expert consultants. Often we are asked to accelerate the deployment of solutions, increase the power of the tool through re-engineering existing deployments, or help develop custom software solutions for embedding into client systems. This is our area of expertise. It’s incredibly varied and rewarding - and we know it contributes strongly to customer retention

  • Training solutions

    Often clients will need to grow their understanding of the power within the Clover suite. This might be because they have new people starting, it might be that they have new projects they’re considering. Either way, we facilitate stronger and deeper understanding of the power of CloverETL to help them get to where they want to be, and faster. It’s super-rewarding to help people through this process!

  • Support services

    Once you buy from us, you benefit from on-demand support from our team of fanatical experts who are on hand to help you overcome some of those day-to-day queries you might have. We have a large team of people - often from strong technical backgrounds - on hand to help clients through those questions. Often the touch point for many clients, it’s our responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction - which enables customer retention.

  • Sales teams

    We secure the profitability of the business. We’re account managing existing customer bases, working on developing new customer accounts and continually looking to ensure we do a great job in retaining our clients’ business. Ably assisted by our colleagues in sales engineering and marketing, we are also on hand to relive experiences to our product development team to help ensure that CloverETL is always at the cutting edge of capability. Not everyone can sell. It’s hard, it’s competitive, and it’s also really rewarding!

  • Sales engineering (pre-sales)

    It’s our responsibility to work, hand in hand, with our sales team colleagues to demonstrate to prospective customers how the power of CloverETL can be relevant to them, in relation to their specific requirement or business problem. We are people with a broad skill set. We have to know CloverETL as well as the developers, we have to be commerically minded so we can translate the clients’ needs - and we have to be able to translate that into great presentations. It’s not easy, but it is incredibly rewarding to see those ‘lightbulb moments’ in prospects when we set their imaginations running!

  • Marketing teams

    In marketing we’re creating awareness, interest, promotional activities and campaigns to generate enquiries. We monitor, report and improve our ‘go to market’ brand and messaging closely in alignment with our colleagues in sales and development. We’re scanning market and industry trends, and reviewing opportunities to develop business, authoring important content and managing the brand portfolio. It’s busy, fast moving and no two days are the same!

  • HR management

    We manage the entire staff resourcing aspect of the organisation. This is about ensuring we have the right people in place to help the business with its various objectives, one being expansion. It’s a challenging position to be in and one which often requires diligence and humility - as well as flexibility, particularly when it comes to deep understanding of local office employment law. It’s great fun, and it’s hard work!

  • Finance

    There are layers to the operation and the finance team are involved in all of them. For example, we link the costs accrued by product development and business development teams, ensure that salaries and bonuses are paid, recording all the costs in a format which is robust and which satisfies auditors. We are responsible for ensuring healthy cashflow - sending invoices, receiving payments and financing the growth of the business. It requires us to be super-nice, patient and accurate!

About our industry

  • Think of data as an organisation’s operational lifeblood. Data is stored, ingested, generated, and moved around an organisation to drive systems, processes, analytics, reporting, finance - helping an organisation understand its situation, promoting decision-making and helping it to carve out a competitive advantage.

  • Don’t take our word for it. The tech sector (the sector that we are in) is not a peripheral industry; the IT industry globally attracts spending in the region of $3.5tn annually, with software and IT services accounting for approximately half of this.

  • World-renowned IT sector analyst organisation Gartner predicts this entire market to grow roughly at 2.5% to 2.7% per annum to their latest projected time of 2019/2020. (Source Gartner, December 2015).

  • Gartner also predicts no change in the importance of various projects that the CIO faces in the coming 12 - 18 months (Gartner December 2015). It stated the top 10 most important topics for CIOs are (in order of importance)t: BI & Analytics; Cloud; Mobile; Digital Marketing; Infrastructure and data centre; ERP systems; security; industry specific applications; CRM systems; networking / voice / data communications. At least 6 of these top 10 drivers have data sitting ‘front and centre’ of the operation.

  • ‘Big Data’, furthermore, brings other dimensions in terms of increasing the volume, velocity and variety of data arriving at a business.

  • Where there’s complexity of legacy systems through company acquisition? That also brings data challenges as CIOs battle to retain integration and agility of their systems.

  • Often, you will read in analyst’s reports that technology platforms will be the greatest driver of innovation. In fact, since Michael Porter first stated innovation was the only thing that mattered for a company’s competitive advantage (Porter, 1990 - The competitive advantage of nations), technology has often been cited as the principal driver of innovation.

  • All of these critical data-related and data-driven challenges bring strong potential opportunities for companies like Javlin to make a difference.

  • And that’s before we talk about our partnerships. For example, we are an accredited partner of Tableau BI, one of (if not the) biggest BI vendors in the world - 36,000 companies around the world use Tableau driven by data.

Sounds like fun?!