What we do

Javlin is the developer of CloverDX Data Integration Platform.

We solve operational problems for businesses all around the world. Please take the time to explore our portfolio.

  • CloverDX is a high performance data integration platform that enables you to move data between different locations. CloverDX is used for processing and transforming large volumes of data and is usually employed in cases of data integration, data warehousing, data quality and cleansing, and data migration.


  • Software Development

    Javlin has a strong and experienced development team. Since 2002 the team works on the CloverDX data integration platform. During the years CloverDX has grown from a free, open source application to enterprise product suite with complex, yet unified architecture.

  • Outsourcing

    Javlin offers nearshore and offshore engineering and test services. Its headquarters and development center are located in Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.

  • Consulting

    Javlin is a provider of professional consulting services in the field of data management.

  • Training

    Javlin as a producer of its own leading data integration platform, CloverDX offers also training for CloverDX platform.


  • Data Integration

    Javlin’s commitment to data integration has been proven through various projects as well as through development of its own leading data integration platform called CloverDX.

  • Data Migration

    Successfully executed data migration projects are of prime importance for businesses. Javlin can ensure that daily operations, ERP systems, and other vital company systems are not affected and disrupted and data migration is accomplished timely and efficiently.

  • Data Quality

    Javlin’s data quality experts are highly skilled and experienced in demanding enterprise environments. We have helped many our clients to grow their businesses via better management of their data assets.

  • Data Warehousing

    Javlin has implemented data warehousing solutions in large, multibillion dollar enterprises and significantly contributed to operational excellence of these companies.